Where To Buy Coconut Oil Online

Coconut oil for fleas - kill fleas naturally. Use this natural flea killer as your method of flea prevention. I used to get coconut oil from my local grocery store until I realized I was spending a small fortune and could buy coconut oil much cheaper online, without sacrificing quality.

I usually buy Nutiva coconut oil from Only Natural Pet because I get other stuff at the same time and take advantage of free shipping specials on orders $79 and over.

If I run out before it’s time to make my normal purchases from ONP, I’ll get Carrington Farms coconut oil, which is nice because it comes in a big 54oz jar for about the same price I’d pay for 20 oz in the grocery store.

Both of these brands come in plastic containers, which I normally wouldn’t buy because I try to avoid buying plastic as much as possible, so I always reuse the containers afterward for dog treats, holding dog food, etc.

(*these are affiliate links and should you buy through these sites, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you – in fact, using these links sometimes give you better pricing than normal since I’m a partner. I only recommend products I believe in – especially when it comes to a dog’s health.)