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Coconut Oil For Dogs

Coconuts have become more and more popular in the past few years due to the loads of benefits that this nut provides. From coconut meat to coconut milk, and even coconut oil, the uses are endless, and the health benefits don’t extend to just humans. Your pets, including both cats and dogs, can benefit in many ways from this simple yet complex nut. Just a few ways that you can use coconut oil for dogs or even other pets:

I’m a dog owner, and I decided to create and maintain this website to help other dog owners learn the many benefits of coconut oil for dogs. DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor or a vet, and any advice I post here is based on my own experience and research and should not be deemed as taken as medical or veterinary advice. I suggest and encourage that you speak to your vet before administering anything new to your dog or your dog’s diet.