Can Coconut Oil Fight Cancer in Dogs?

Can coconut oil fight cancer?There are so many testimonials as to the healing properties of coconut oil for both humans and animals. In fact, almost all of the healing powers for humans also apply to animals. Studies have been conducted leading some  to believe that that coconut oil can fight cancer!

One article found online describes how lab animals used in testing (horrid, I know)  that were given coconut oil regularly did not get cancer when exposed to certain toxins like other animals did.

In fact, here’s a video from one dog owner who swears by it. This pug had cancer in his leg. The tumor went away but the vet said it would be back in 6 months. The dog’s owner changed his diet and started feeding him better food, along with coconut oil and it’s been two full years with no return of the dog’s cancer.

Whether or not coconut oil can fight cancer, it’s definitely been proven to help dogs in other ways such as to relieve itchy skin, rashes, fleas, to clean teeth and reduce bad breath, to help dogs lose weight and so much more. With all of the benefits of coconut oil, it’s worth considering to incorporate coconut oil into your dogs daily diet, and your own as well.