Did you know that roughly 45%, or 35 million American dogs are overweight? When it comes to dog weight loss, food and ingredients play a vital role as you already know. One reason for weight gain in your dog could be diabetes, which can be relatively common in domestic animals such as dogs, although it could be related to diet and lack of exercise as well. Coconut oil, contrary to what was previously believed due to its high fat content, can actually raise metabolism and help raise energy levels and therefore, promote weight loss for dogs.

Diabetes and Dogs

Diabetes isenergetic dog weight loss a disorder of carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism caused by an absolute or relative insulin deficiency. Metabolism refers to how the body digests and uses food for growth and energy, and this process is largely dependent on a sufficient amount of insulin in the body.

A diabetic dog will be hungry a lot of the time since glucose is not making it to the brain; glucose levels in the brain are too low for the brain to register that it is receiving food.

Because insulin is not giving the muscles and organs the signal to convert glucose to energy, the excess glucose in the blood will be carried out of the body in urine instead of being used for energy, and there will be a concurrent lack of energy.

There is also increased thirst as a result of the increase in urine. The liver is adversely affected by this condition, as are the eyes and kidneys.

How Coconut Oil Can Help With Dog Weight Loss

One of the main reasons coconut oil is so effective is that it’s a Medium Chain Fatty Acid or MCFA. Other oils including olive and vegetable oils are Long Chain Fatty Acids or LCFA’s. MCFA’s go directly to the liver and require no special enzymes to break them down which decreases the stress on the liver and the entire digestive system.

When you combine this with the fact that coconut oil is made up of 2/3 Lauric Acid, you have a very powerful one-two punch. Lauric Acid acts like a simple carbohydrate in that it is converted almost immediately into energy, yet unlike simple carbs, does NOT produce an insulin spike. Since diabetes is caused by irregularities with insulin, this is a major plus.

When you decrease the stress on the digestive system, increase energy levels and metabolism you support the weight loss process. Keeping your dog within the recommended weight perimeters for their size can greatly decrease their chances for diabetes.

If your dog already has diabetes, try adding some virgin, unrefined coconut oil to their diet. It’s natural, non-toxic and you may be really surprised at the benefits of coconut oil for your dog.